Winter grooming of the Heritage Trail to start this week

With unprecedented snow received over the last 36 hours, we will be able to properly groom the SBHT by the end of this week for cross country skiing, ski skates, and hikers alike. 

As a reminder, general etiquette for any season on the trial is to stay to the right unless you are passing another trail-goer. 
Fat Tire Bikes are allowed on the trail, but please be courteous to skiers and walkers, yield to them and be aware of the tracks. It is easier for skiers to follow the treads already in the snow. Grooming is done when there is a significant amount of snowfall and reports will be updated at the end.

For more information and updates to the snow grooming, visit: ‎

To be added to our SBHT Snow Conditions report via e-mail, please request to be added by e-mailing

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