Goldenrod – Canada

Solidago canadensis

Family Aster (Asteraceae)
Bloom Fall
Habitat Meadows, fields, roadsides
Status Native
Cycle Perennial
Height 2-5′
Flower Feathery plumes or spike clusters of tiny yellow flowers at the top of a stem.
Leaf Leaves are narrow and up to about 6″ long. They are rough to the touch with sharp teeth along the edges.
Notes This is a very common plant in the late summer and fall. While many people think that their fall allergies (hay fever) are caused by goldenrod, it’s pollen is too heavy to be airborne so the allergies are caused by ragweed which pollinates at the same time. Stems are often invaded by insect larvae (usually a solitary wasp or fly larvae) causing a large swelling called galls.


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