Poison Ivy

Rhus radicans

Family Chashew (Anacardiaceae)
Bloom Summer
Habitat Meadows, edge of forests
Status Native
Cycle Perennial
Height 6-24″
Flower Flowers are incomspicuous with 5 white petals found in elongated branched clusters.
Leaf Leaves have 3 shiny leaflets from a common point and are mostly oblong with a point. Color is a shiny green turning to a brilliant red later in the season.
Notes Fruit is a cluster of white berries. The berries are poisonous. In fact, all parts of the plant are poisonous to touch, causing painful itching blisters of the skin. Avoid contact at all times of the year even when the plant is dormant. Smoke from burning plants carries the irritant and can cause the same symptoms as touching the plant. Inhaling the smoke of burning poison ivy can cause damage to lungs.


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