Lily – White Water

Nymphaea odorata

Family Water Lily (Nymphaeaceae)
Bloom Summer, fall
Habitat Ponds
Status Native
Cycle Perennial
Height Aquatic
Flower Flowers are formed of concentric rows of tapered petals. Outer rings of the petals are larger than in the center. There is a yellow disk in the center of the blossom.
Leaf Leaves are large (5-12″ wide), round or heart-shaped, deeply notched, toothless, floating, and shiny green in color.
Notes The leaves float directly on the surface of a pond or small lake. Quiet water is required because it is rooted to the lake or pond bottom. Its roots produce large tubers that are often eaten by muskrats. The stems and leaves have air channels that trap air to keep the plant afloat. Flowers open on sunny days and close at night and on cloudy days.


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