Hoary Alyssum

Berteroa incana

Family Mustard (Brassicaceae)
Bloom Summer, fall
Habitat Dunes, fields, meadows, roadsides
Status Non-Native
Cycle Annual
Height 6-24″
Flower Flowers are very small (1/4″ wide) and white. They form a spike cluster about 1″ tall. Individual flowers have 4 petals each divided or notched deeply so it looks like 8 petals.
Leaf Leaves are thin lance-shaped 1/2″ long and covered with pale white hairs giving them a downy appearance. Leaves alternate along a single stem that divides near the top.
Notes Hoary Alyssum usually appears as a single-stemmed erect plant that branches only near the top to accomodate spike clusters of small white flowers.


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