Hepatica acutiloba

Family Buttercup (Ranunculaceae)
Bloom Early spring
Habitat Deciduous forest
Status Native
Cycle Perennial
Height 4-6″
Flower Each flower is on a single hairy stalk but flowers tend to appear in bunches in the very early spring. Flowers are white but may also be light pink or blue. Flowers are open on sunny afternoons and evenings but closed on drooping stalks in the morning or in rain. Flowers have 3 green bracts.
Leaf Leaves are distinctive with three sharply pointed lobes rising from a thin hairy stalk.
Notes This is one of the first wildflowers to bloom. The plant retains its leaves all winter and quickly sends up flowers in the spring. The leaves from the previous year are brown or dark purple. Eventually, the new leaves appear and the flowers disappear. The stems of the pollinated flowers lengthen and droop toward the ground where ants collect and disperse the seeds.


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