Lady’s Slipper – Showy

Cypripedium reginae

Family Orchid (Orchidaceae)
Bloom Late spring, early summer
Habitat Wet, swamps, moist woods, slow-moving streams
Status Native – Protected Michigan Wildflower – Do Not Disturb
Cycle Perennial
Height 1-3′
Flower Flower is a pink and white ball-shaped pouch with wide white sepals and petals. There may be up to 3 flowers on separate flowerstalks on a single stem.
Leaf Leaves are on the full length of the stem. They alternate and are broad with prominent veins running parallel. Bases of leaves clasp the stem.
Notes The Showy Lady’s Slipper is the largest and most impressive of the orchids found in Michigan. It should never be handled or dug up. This long-lived plant takes up to 15 years to mature and form flowers. Some people get a poison ivy like rash from touching the stems or leaves.


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