Solanum dulcamara

Family Nightshade (Solanaceae)
Bloom Summer
Habitat Meadows, roadsides, disturbed soil
Status Non-Native
Cycle Perennial
Height 2-8′
Flower Purple flowers 1/2″ wide made up of 5 pointed and swept back petals with a protruding yellow cone from the center of the blossom.
Leaf Leaves usually have three lobes. The oval central lobe is large (1-4″) with 2 smaller lobes at the base of the leaf. These 2 lobes may be absent from leaves on the lower part of the stem.
Notes Stems are woody at the base and weak. They tend to twine and climb to heights of up to 12 feet. Fruit is an egg-shaped berry that hangs in clusters and are red when ripe. The immature (green) berries and foliage are poisonous.


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