Platte Plains

Location: There are several trailheads for this large trail system: on the gravel road near the end of Esch Road, the end of Trail’s End Road, and Platte River Campground. In the winter, a trailhead on M-22 for skiers is open. In winter, Trail’s End Road is not plowed.

Parking Lot:
Parking at Esch Road trailhead is along a gravel road. There is a gravel parking lot at Trails End trailhead, which is at the end of Trails End road off of M-22.
Accessing the trail from Platte River Campground, you can park on the edge of the paved campground road. In winter, the parking lot on M-22 is frozen grassy field.

At Esch Road, an accessible vault toilet is available at the Esch Road Beach parking lot about 100 yards from the trailhead.
At Platte River Campground, there are modern toilets. Trails End trailhead has an accessible vault toilet.

Water: Drinking water is not available except at Platte River Campground.

Trail Length: Three loops:

  • Otter Creek Loop – 4.6 miles around Otter Creek and Otter Lake
  • Bass Lake Loop – 3.5 miles near Bass and Deer Lakes
  • Lasso Loop – 6.3 miles with several access points to Lake Michigan

Terrain: Mostly flat, with some moderate hills in a few areas of the Lasso Loop

Trail Tread: Packed earth at least 36” wide

Difficulty: All of the trails in this trail system are relatively flat. There are areas with exposed cross-trail roots.

Click on the link to see a detailed description of the trail. This report describes trail obstacles and trail surface. Cell phone coverage may be limited in the Park, so download and save. 

Comments: This trail is located in designated wilderness. The relatively flat terrain and proximity to lakes and streams makes this one of the most popular hikes for nature-lovers. Wildflowers and birds are plentiful and the walking is relatively easy.



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