Location: Stop #4 on the Pierce Stocking Scenic Drive on M-109.

Parking Lot: Paved

Restroom: No restroom is available at the trailhead, but there is a modern restroom a short distance from the trailhead at Picnic Mountain.

Water: No drinking water is available at the trailhead, but water is available at Picnic Mountain, a short walk from the trailhead.

Trail Length: 1.5 mile loop

Terrain: The trail goes through sandy soil of the perched dunes, which makes walking difficult. There is no shade, so wear sun block and bring water.

Trail Tread: Sand. Sometimes the trail is gravel, but most is in soft sand.

Difficulty:The trail is generally flat, but walking through sand is difficult.

Comments: This hike takes you through the native plants of the Sleeping Bear Plateau. You will find a variety of hardy wildflowers, grasses and shrubs. It offers great views of the dunes, Dune Climb, Glen Lake, and Lake Michigan.

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