Tracking Shipwrecks

There has been some excitement recently around the Lakeshore about the appearance of the Jennie and Annie – shipwreck that was uncovered on the beach around North Bar Lake. Some Shipwrecks are not visible at all times due to water levels and the shifting sand that may cover them up completely.
If you believe you have come upon a new piece of wreckage, you can help a Michigan Underwater Archaeologist, Wayne Lasardi, collect information!
Please fill out this Beach Wreckage Documentation Form and mail it back to him at the address listed at the bottom of the page.  
Shipwrecks and related fragments ashore and in the water are owned and protected by the State of Michigan and given special status since all the park’s shores are within the Manitou Passage State Underwater Preserved. They are also protected by park under Federal law, however, the State retains ownership. If you see any shipwreck fragments, they must remain there, like all other artifacts from the National Lakeshore. 

There have been articles in the Record-Eagle as well as in The Leelanau Ticker about The Jeane and Annie. 
There is also a wonderful article about this project and why it is important now in the Atlas Obscura on May 21st

More information about the other shipwrecks in the area can be found on our Shipwrecks page.

If you are walking the beach, you can reference existing shipwrecks here: 

The Jeane and Annie at Lacore Rd

Shipwreck on Dune Trail North


Shipwreck on Dune Trail South: SBP#16, 2014

Shipwreck Lane Rd

Shipwreck at Sleeping Bear Point








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