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Important Information-Please Read Prior to making your Track Chair Reservation

Sleeping Bear Dunes Track Chair Program Updated 5/27/2021


With a commitment to provide recreational opportunities to all, Friends of Sleeping Bear Dunes offers the Track Chair Program. This program provides visitors with hiking mobility assistance for designated Park trails.


There is no cost for using the Track Chair, but all visitors to the park are required to have a National Park Pass. Park passes are available at the Sleeping Bear National Lakeshore Visitor Center as well as at the Dune Climb and Pierce Stocking Drive.  The Track Chair was purchased by the Friends of Sleeping Bear Dunes.  If you would like to make a contribution, you may make a donation to the Track Chair Program. Donations will go to chair maintenance and to adding more track chairs to the Dunes. We accept cash or checks made out to Friends of Sleeping Bear Dunes designating the Track Chair Program. 


  • We recommend that you plan to hike with a companion. Minors are required to have an adult companion over the age of 18.
  • Arrive to meet the Track Chair Host on time at the designated location 
  • Complete necessary forms, Track Chair Use Waiver
  • Remain in visual contact with the Track Chair Host for safety 
  • Be certain trash and debris is cleaned from the chair
  • Return the Track Chair in the condition it was taken out, minus normal wear and tear 

As with all trail users, we suggest that Track Chair Users and those accompanying them bring: water, snacks, sunscreen, insect repellent, necessary medication and medical equipment, cell phone, hat, seat cushion, weather appropriate clothing – including an extra layer for changing weather. PLEASE NOTE THAT YOU WILL BE ON A TRAIL WITHOUT IMMEDIATE ACCESS TO BACKUP MEDICATION AND MEDICAL EQUIPMENT. Maximum weight for the larger Track Chair – Mama Bear – is 350 pounds with equipment. Mama Bear is 24 inches wide between arm rests. Maximum weight for the smaller Track Chair – Baby Bear – is 300 pounds with equipment. Baby Bear is 18 inches wide between arm rests.  The Friends of Sleeping Bear Dunes and/or the Track Chair Host may cancel the reservation for any reason. 


Track Chair Users should bring any transfer items they typically use. Transfer slide boards are not currently available. If the Track Chair User requires physical assistance with transferring, a companion must assist. Track Chair Program Hosts are limited in the amount of personal/physical assistance they can provide. 

PETS: As required by the National Lakeshore, all pets must be on a leash. Because the Track Chair requires attention to changing terrain and conditions, it is recommended that pets not join in the Track Chair hike. If pets join you, they must be handled by a companion. Animals must be kept leashed and under control at all times. Service Dogs are welcome and may be used as deemed appropriate by the owner; leash required. 


The Track Chair Program currently runs on specific trails. The Track Chair may only be used on the designated trail. Operating the Track Chair on a trail not designated is not allowed. Track Chairs must remain on the marked trail. They may not be taken off the trail into wooded areas. They may not be taken down banks or hills that are in the area but not on the marked trail. Going off the designated trail or down banks or hills that are not on a marked trail causes environmental damage and may pose a danger to the user and their companions.

SEATBELTS/HARNESSES. Track Chair seatbelts must be worn while operating the chair. Harnesses are dependent on Track Chair User needs. 


The Friends of Sleeping Bear Dunes now has two track chairs for use in the park by persons who need assistance hiking trails in the Park.


The difference in size along with additional support mechanisms used with each chair allows for a comfortable and safe experience for any visitor requiring the use of the chair for their hike. 

Please review these differences as one chair is required to be reserved for a hike with the Track Chair. 

Mama Bear Chair 

The maximum weight for the larger Track Chair – Mama Bear – is 350 pounds with equipment. Mama Bear is 24 inches wide between arm rests.

Baby Bear Chair

The maximum weight for the smaller Track Chair – Baby Bear – is 300 pounds with equipment. Baby Bear is 18 inches wide between arm rests. 

Please visit our Calendar Scheduling Page to find an available date and time to meet your Friends of Sleeping Bear Volunteer for orientation with the Track Chair. 


If you have a need for both chairs at the same time, you will find instructions in the online reservation form. 

Once you fill out the reservation form an email confirmation will be sent. If the Track Chair Team has questions about your reservation, you will be contacted. Otherwise, we will be in contact with you at least 24 hours prior to your Track Chair Hike to let you know who your host will be and provide you with further information. If you have any questions contact us at

The track chair program is meant to be used by park visitors who need hiking assistance to experience a rustic hiking trail. Because of limited availability, it may only be reserved by those who find it difficult to experience the designated trail without assistance.
Please review the Chair and safety information outlined above as well as bring the Waiver with you on the day you visit the Park. 

If you have a group that would like to use both chairs at the same time, please email us for more information and scheduling. 

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