Storm Damage Assessment – Rustic Hiking Trails

August 2, 2015 Weather Event

This page lists each trail segment, who has volunteered to make the assessment, expected date of assessment, and date of assessment with results.

The page is updated several times a day.  Last update  Friday, August 7, 8:40 PM

Assessment of all segments is complete

Old Indian – Lake Michigan Loop
 Campbell/Gittlen  8/4/15  8/4/15 All clear
Old Indian – Black Arrow Loop
 Comings  8/6/15  8/6/15 All clear
Old Indian – Green Arrow Loop
 Campbell/Gittlen  8/4/15  8/4/15 All clear
Platte Plains – Bass/Deer Lake Loop
 Zahn/Ciampa 8/7/15  8/7/15 All Clear
Platte Plains – Lasso Loop
 Corey 8/7/15  8/7/15 All Clear
Platte Plains – Otter Creek (East)
 Zahn  8/4/15  8/4/15 All Clear
Platte Plains – Otter Creek (West)
 Zahn  8/4/15  8/4/15 All Clear
Platte Plains – White Pines C’ground Spur
 Ciampa’s  8/6/15  8/7/15 All Clear
Empire Bluff Trail
 Ciampas  8/4/15  8/4/15 One tree
Windy Moraine Trail
 Maher  8/6/15  8/5/15 Three trees
Shauger Hill Hiking and Ski Trail
 Zahn  8/3/15  8/3/15 Four trees
Cottonwood Trail
 Lovasz  8/6/15  8/6/15 One tree partially blocking (walk around)
Sleeping Bear Point Loop
Crary  8/7/15  8/7/15 Twenty trees, up to 20″ dia
Sleeping Bear Point Spur
Crary  8/7/15  8/7/15 All clear
Alligator Hill – Advanced Trail
Will not be inventoried  N/A  N/A
Alligator Hill – Intermediate Trail
Will not be inventoried  N/A  N/A
Alligator Hill – Easy Trail
Will not be inventoried  N/A  N/A
Alligator Hill – Big Glen Lookout Spur
Will not be inventoried  N/A  N/A
Valley View Campground Trail
 Fonte  8/5/15  8/5/15 Twenty-eight trees (all 8″-24″ diameter)
Bay View – Farms Loop Trail
 Stinson’s 8/4/15  8/4/15 One large branch
Bay View – Ridge Loop Trail
 Stinson’s  8/4/15  8/4/15 One tree, 3 large branches
Bay View – High Trail
 Stinson’s  8/5/15  8/6/15 Eight trees.  Extreme hazard. Not officially closed but please avoid for your safety.
Bay View – Low Trail
 Stinson’s  8/5/15  8/5/15 All clear
Bay View – Moosewood Loop Trail
 Stinson’s  8/6/15  8/6/15  Nineteen Trees
Pyramid Point – Main Loop Trail
 Crary  8/3/15  8/3/15 One tree
Pyramid Point – SE Loop Trail
 Crary  8/3/15  8/3/15 One tree
Good Harbor Trail
 Ciampa’s  8/5/15  8/5/15 Nineteen trees

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