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This page contains tools and information for volunteers supporting Friends of Sleeping Bear Dunes.
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COVID-19 Response

February 3, 2021

As you may have already heard, the President has signed an executive order mandating masks in all federal buildings and on all federal properties. What does that mean for our volunteer operation? 

  1. Continue to wear your masks inside all buildings. 
  2. Continue to wear masks inside all government vehicles (Gator included – unless w/ members of the same household)
  3. Remember to have a mask handy outside and wear it when 6′ distances can’t be maintained, like passing by visitors on a trail or beach. 
  4. This executive order does apply to visitors, but at this time, volunteers are not going to enforce or even suggest masks for visitors. 

Current NPS Guidelines can be found here:

Guidance for volunteer activities: 
  1. Your safety is our number one priority. If you are not comfortable with any aspect of your volunteer activity, don’t do it – if you have concerns/suggestions contact your supervisor, and/or me. 
  2. The 14-day quarantine order for anyone coming from outside the local commuting area is still in effect. Until that is lifted, please comply with this prior to resuming volunteer activities. I will let you know if/when anything changes on that policy. 
  3. All staff and volunteers need to complete the Volunteer self-assessment each day prior to coming to the park. If you answer anything other than “none of the above” or “no” to any of the questions – stay home and contact your supervisor. These questions are for your self-assessment only, we are not collecting this data – so no need to answer #1, or hit the submit button. The form is going to change soon to reflect this, the link will still work. 
  4. Staff and volunteers will not be enforcing, or even educating, visitors on social distancing or mask wearing. Just be a good example, model good behavior, and keep yourself safe. I have attached an NPS graphic with tips on distancing, please look that over carefully and follow the listed precautions — I know it’s easy to blow past anything that says wash your hands, but there is some good info on visitor interactions. We are strongly encouraging you to wear a mask whenever interacting with people, and/or when a 6′ distance can not be maintained. Example: If you are an Adopt.a.Trail volunteer – no need to wear a mask while hiking alone, but if a visitor approaches you to ask a question, we recommend you slip on your mask. 
  5. Some volunteers may be within the CDC identified “at-risk” population. If you are in this category do not feel compelled or pressured to begin volunteering. We are allowing staff in this category wide latitude to take leave as needed. Anyone with concerns, or apprehension about resuming volunteer activities, please delay your return as needed. 
  6. Recommend you stay well informed on the current status of park facilities prior to heading out to volunteer. Then you will be aware of what is available for you, as well as being able to answer visitors questions. Available resources…read through the attached press-release, check the park website, and our social media

Remaining in Effect: 

We will continually monitor the situation with COVID-19 and will update this guidance as needed.
Changes, cancelations, or resumptions will be posted on the Friends website and communicated via email.

Visitor Guide

This year, the Park has put together a 1-page reference guide for park visitors. Some will be printed and distributed in the park, but a PDF of the 2020 Visitor Information Guide can be downloaded here. 

Volunteer Resources

All of our volunteers are registered as volunteers with Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore. Volunteers who need an annual pass to Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore to do their volunteer work, and should request one at the Visitor Center after reporting volunteer hours for at least one month.

The 2020 VIP Handbook is a resource for all volunteers.

The FOSBD Org Chart lists who is responsible for each task under the organization’s main functions and is a good tool to help get to know more about the Friend’s. 

Current Friends Volunteers Report Volunteer Hours and Information

Click on the appropriate link below to report your hours and comments:

If you observe a safety concern please visit the SAFETY REPORT page to fill out a report.


Do you have a suggestion for a New Event or Program?

Propose a fundraising or informational event. Click the link and fill out the form and your idea will be sent to other staff or board members, who can assist you with the event. If approvals are required, this form will initiate the approval process. 

Propose a new program (like Adopt-A-Beach or Ambassador program). All new programs for Friends of Sleeping Bear Dunes must be approved by the Board of Directors. This form will send your idea and background information to the right people to work through the approval process.

Join our Volunteer Group on Facebook! 

We want your experience to be fun and rewarding. A great way to enhance your involvement with the Friends is when you make real connections with other like-minded folks who share your love and devotion to your National Lakeshore. 

Our closed group on Facebook is exclusively for FOSBD volunteers. You can go there and share all kinds of things of interest with fellow volunteers. Make new friends, learn new skills, ask questions or give advice, share your experiences, and post your pictures!
We encourage all our volunteers to join and participate! Click on the image above or use this link to go to the Friends of Sleeping Bear Dunes Volunteer Group and JOIN! 

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