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SBHT Ambassadors | Sleeping Bear Heritage Trail Ambassadors

Trail Ambassador at the Dune Climb on the SBHT

Sleeping Bear Heritage Trail Ambassadors (SBHT Ambassadors) are volunteers who ride, walk, or ski the SBHT on a regular basis. They wear a bright orange vest that identifies them as an Ambassador, and they are available to answer trail user questions and provide directions or other help to our visitors. Ambassadors model good trail etiquette and report any trail maintenance issues to the Trail Crew.

Trail Ambassador Duties:

You are representatives of the National Park to visitors using the Sleeping Bear Heritage Trail, so do your best to help our visitors have a safe and enjoyable experience. You are also our eyes and ears on the trail to identify issues that we need to address.

  1. Walk/Bike/Ski trail regularly. Patrol the whole trail or a portion. There is no set schedule, so patrol when it is convenient for you.
  2. Wear your orange Ambassador vest. This identifies you as a Trail Ambassador and visitors will know you are someone they can ask questions.
  3. Follow Trail Etiquette (below) and traffic rules (especially STOP signs on the trail). We want to lead by example.
  4. Carry a park map and trail map to assist visitors with directions. That is one of the most frequently asked questions, “Where am I? How do I get to…?”
  5. Be friendly, assist trail users where needed, respond to questions and engage people in conversation. You know more than most of our visitors about the area, so point out highlights and special places you like or events that are happening in the Park.
  6. As you are riding the trail, be aware of your location, because you might need to tell someone where you are (like emergency services).
  7. If a trail user has a mechanical issue that you can not fix, contact the Cyclery. (phone = 231-334-4420)
  8. Monitor the trail for minor as well as major maintenance issues. Ambassadors are not responsible for attending to any maintenance other than minor clean up. They are only responsible for reporting the issue via an online reporting form. Once the maintenance request has been reported, it will be evaluated and taken care of by the Trail Crew.
  9. Report maintenance items and your volunteer hours through our short online form after each patrol. Even if you found the trail to be in perfect condition, we want to have your report. It helps us keep track of how often we have Ambassadors on the trail.
  10. To make a report, simply go to the SBHT Ambassadors Data Entry Report:
  11. In addition to filling out the online Safty Reporting form, if you think the maintenance problem needs immediate attention, call either Steve Young (Home: 231-334-7531 or Mobile: 231-409-3637) or Mary Peterson (248-762-8977). If you can’t reach them, call Park Dispatch (231-326-4700). Describe the issue and where it is located on the trail, what time you saw it, and if you have more information.
  12. For safety or security issues, which require emergency response, dial 911 and work with the emergency dispatcher. Then call your Trail Crew or SBHT Ambassador Manager. If there is an incident on the trail, try to capture any issues with pictures if possible.
    We want all safety incidents reported.

Trail Etiquette

  1. Stay to the RIGHT, alert others when passing on their left.
  2. DO NOT BLOCK the trail when stopped – move to the side.
  3. Cyclists ride single file when other users are present.
  4. Please wear a helmet for your safety.
  5. Dispose of all trash and animal waste in trash receptacles.
  6. Stay on the trail – respect plants and wildlife.
  7. Respect Private Property – stay on the trail.

Keep the description and map of the SBHT handy, you can always refer visitors to our Digital SBHT Map and all of our Trails through the Trails Page. 



Trail Crew

Some of our Trail Ambassadors are also members of the Trail Crew, who perform regular maintenance on the trail. That includes blowing leaves and debris from the trail, removing trees that fall over the trail, repairing erosion issues, and grooming the trail for cross-country skiing in the winter. Trail Crew members receive additional training and are assigned a regular work schedule with other Crew members on a rotation of about once a month.

Learn More about the Trail Crew

Trail Crew removes a down tree on the SBHT

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