The Life of the Sleeping Bear Book

Our book celebrates the world-famous Sleeping Bear Dunes area—it’s land and people—from prehistoric to modern times.



Blending art, history, and science, the book contains vivid pictures, fascinating facts, and helpful graphics and maps to provide a colorful tour of this precious geological and environmental area.

Support the Friends of Sleeping Bear Dunes when you purchase the book!



“I’ve been living in the grasp of the sleeping bear dunes all my life and I didn’t know half the information packed in this guidebook. Did I find this book valuable? Yes. Engrossing? Yes.  Beautiful? Yes. Full of history and fact? Yes!  
Congratulations to all involved in creating this book, so aptly called, The Life of the Sleeping Bear.  You’ve covered miles and miles and hundreds of years in one excellent book.”
– Bob Sutherland, President, Cherry Republic

I love this book. It has something for everyone, the historian, the environmentalist, the traveler, the photographer, and perhaps most of all, the person who has lived or visited here almost forever and never realized the true stories of The Life of the Sleeping Bear.

– Barbara Reed, Owner, The Bookstore, Frankfort, Michigan


Sample pages from inside the book:

This book has been produced by Friends of Sleeping Bear Dunes with contributions from local writers, historians, and photographers who generously shared their archives and talents. All profits will support projects in the National Lakeshore.

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