Track Chair

First-of-its-kind Accessibility Program at a National Park

The 2023 Track Chair season will begin on May 26th, 2023! We will be opening up Track Chair Hike reservation on April 24th.

Last Year, we were also able to purchase a third chair which opened up Track Chair Hikes at a new location, at the Platte River Campground to use on the Rail Road Grade Trail. This trail is relatively flat and leads to the Lake Michigan Shoreline. 

Thank You to everyone for your continued support financially and to our Volunteers for dedicating their time over the past three years to make this program possible. If you would like to volunteer with the Track Chair Program, the Track Chair group will be holding volunteer training for volunteers on May 6th, please apply to volunteer on the Volunteer Registration page and reach out to for more information. 

We are excited for another Track Chair season in 2023 from May 26th through September 
Learn more about the track chairs and available hikes, including a third chair and additional location, with the opportunity to take the chair on a beautiful Lake Michigan Beach. 


Friends of Sleeping Bear Dunes values the right of every visitor to experience our Park’s natural beauty. To provide an opportunity to visitors who need hiking assistance to explore designated trails in the Park, Friends of Sleeping Bear Dunes offers the use of the track chair. This personal mobility device is a track wheelchair that enables access to gorgeous park features, including views of Lake Michigan, pastoral historic farmlands, forest trails, and meadows without harming the trail or adjacent land.


Track Chair Program in the News! Watch Below!

The track chair program is meant to be used by park visitors who need hiking assistance to experience a rustic hiking trail. Because of limited availability, it may only be reserved by those who find it difficult to experience the designated trail without assistance.

If you would like to know more about the 2023 track chair season, please contact the Track Chair Coordinator by e-mail at






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