Meet your loyal BARK Rangers; Moxie (with four legs) and Ginger (with two legs). 

After retiring in 2017, Ginger Langdon moved from Chicago to Traverse City. Quickly, she fell in love with the town of Empire, MI and found a home within the community not long after her move up north. Inspired by the beauty of the area, Ginger wanted to learn about all the local trails and beaches. She discovered the Friends of Sleeping Bear Dunes organization and thought it would be a great way to give back to her community AND learn about the Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore. In 2018, Ginger and her two Pembroke Welsh Corgi’s named Mr. Darcy and Moxie, began volunteering with the BARK Ranger program. 

BARK Rangers monitor a Lake Michigan beach or trailhead and educate visitors with their four-legged friends on the importance of keeping their pets leashed and obeying ‘No Pets Allowed’ signage, especially in areas where Federally Endangered Piping Plovers are nesting. Ginger (and her entourage) stopped over 50 dogs from entering restricted areas in their first year volunteering with the program. 

Be sure to say, ‘Hello!’ to Ginger and Moxie when you encounter them on your favorite beaches or trailheads. If you would like more information about the BARK Ranger program, it can be found on our website under the Programs tab, here

Article and photos by Kristy Tompkins