Take a Peek at our Fall Colors

October is leaf peeping month! MyNorth.com provides a great update of colors around the region. Warmer temperatures early in September lead to less leaf change, but now that we have seen some cooler temps, be on the lookout as colors will start to change quickly. The Photo pictured here was taken the third week of October in 2021. 
Also remember the closer to the lake you get the later the leaves change because of the milder temperatures.

Did you know that you can also go apple picking in the park? The best place to find apples are on and around the Historic Farms on the Lakeshore. There are apples and other native fruits that can be picked around the park. Visitors are allowed one bushel of apples per visit. 

Visit our Trails page to find all the trails in the park to explore, some of our favorites in the fall are the Kettles Trail, Alligator Hill, and Platt Plains Trails. Or, find new areas in the park like learning about the Lakeshore Ghost Towns