2021 Annual Meeting

This Year’s Annual Meeting will now be VIRTUAL 

We enjoyed seeing many familiar faces (virtually) during our Annual Meeting which took place on Sunday, August 29th Below are the synopsis of the Chairman’s statement and introductions, program summaries, financial summary, Park information, the election of new members to Board of Directors, and Friends business. 

Annual Meeting 2021 Project Review

Friends’ membership is comprised of people who have donated their time or money to the Friends this year or last.

Board Member Candidate Profiles: 

Lynn Aleksov

Kerry Kelly 

Steve Horne 

Laura Ann Johnson 

Laurie Pope

Running Bear Run July 27 2021

Glen Arbor Running Bear Run. 
It will be held on the morning of July 27 and roads will be closed to all vehicles including bikes. Some of the route will be on the same roads as the Heritage Trail uses through Glen Arbor – Lake Street and Northwood Dr. 
The Run will be held Tuesday, July 27, 2021.  Part of the Run overlaps the Trail in Glen Arbor and will be closed to all traffic including bikes. The Run starts and ends in front of Cherry Republic on Lake Street in Glen Arbor.  The route for our runners is from Lake and State Street, then south to Northwood Drive and east on Northwood to about 5121 W Northwood, then they return by the same route. 
Permits for the Run from the County and the Glen Arbor Township to close Lake Street at The Cottage Bookstore, down Lake Street, and Northwood Dr to Fisher  Rd.  The roads will be closed from 6:30am to Noon on July 27th.
The map of the route is below.

July 4th on the Lakeshore

Catch us at the 4th of July Parade in Glen Arbor. 

The National Lakeshore and the Friends will be walking in the Glen Arbor 4th of July parade. 
The Friends will be walking and carrying our banner, wearing your orange vests and possibly some new 50th Anniversary Logo Wear. We will also be driving the Trackchair along the way. We will have some small goodies we are giving away too.

If you’d like to participate please send an email for the details.


Fourth of July 

Enjoying the 4th of July in Northern Michigan is a tradition for many.  Please keep in mind fireworks, firecrackers or any other pyrotechnic items are not allowed in Sleeping Bear Dunes.  Law Enforcement rangers can write tickets for setting off fireworks. Fireworks can spark wildfires, disrupt other visitors and wildlife and they leave trash behind plus the loud noises disrupt the wildlife. 


Tick Warning for 2021



By Sherry Gigous, FSBD Volunteer 

Park Rangers at Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore are adding ticks to their list of things to keep an eye on and educate visitors about this summer season.

Some of these little guys, who hitchhike on bushes tall grasses and other vegetation are so small that they are not visible to the human eye or are extremely difficult to spot. They can be smaller than poppy seeds! They also have the ability to transmit diseases such as Lyme disease, Anaplasmosis, Ehrlichiosis, and Babesiosis.

Photo from Mlive

Photo from MLive Article, Tick Explosion Underway in Michigan.

PARK Superintendent Scott Tucker, along with Benzie-Leelanau District Health Department, is focused on following preventative safety measures against ticks before they even have a chance to bite. This includes wearing long sleeves (tick gaiter sleeves will enhance safety) and long pants that can be tucked into boots or socks if possible. Light-colored clothes will make it easier to spot ticks. Use insect repellent that includes 20 percent or more DEET, picaridin, or IR3535. Consider wearing clothing treated with permethrin. Inspect yourself for ticks after being outdoors. Pay particular attention to skin folds. Put clothes in the dryer on high heat for 60 minutes to kill any remaining ticks. 

Check for any bull’s-eye patterned rashes. And if you find a tick, a tick-removing tool will help remove it intact, leaving no parts behind. Friends of Sleeping Bear will donate 150 such tools to Park staff this summer.

Unfortunately, even with the best proactive practices, illness may still be transmitted from ticks. A Friends volunteer became infected with Lyme disease after hiking the Kettles trail last year, even though she had worn long clothing, found no ticks on herself, and had no warning rash. A few weeks after returning to her home downstate, she visited her local ER thinking she was experiencing a heart attack and has suffered malaise, neurological pain in her neck and the base of her skull. She has been diagnosed with Lyme disease.

Even with fairly successful treatment, she continues to have Lyme-related rheumatoid pain in her knees. If you are feeling unwell for no explainable reason after recently visiting an area where ticks are prevalent, it’s important to follow up in diagnosing possible tickborne illness.

Don’t forget about your fur babies either! Make sure you discuss tick prevention with your veterinarian.

Be tick smart to stay safe and have fun at SLBE this summer!

For more information, see the MDHHS Tick info sheet. 


Read Sherry’s other healful posts about Morells and Potosky stones

50th Bear Logo Sale Summer

We are so excited to announce another sale of merchandise with the Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore 50th Anniversary Logo. This round of items were chosen for summer activities on the lake as well as items that you will love to show your appreciation for the Lakeshore.

Go to our Logo Merchandise Product page to learn about all the items available this time around and find the link to our sales site. 

unisex fit zip up hoodie in military green with Sleeping Bear Dunes 50th Bear Logo on the back. Blue zip hoodie showing Friends Logo on the Front.
Sport Tech Tees with Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore 50th Bear Logo. Long Sleeve tee on a man, short sleeve tee on a woman.

Track Chair Reservations are OPEN

The Track Chair program is back for 2021 with a few updates! 

This year, visitors with mobility challenges can have a choice to reserve one of two chair options. The Mama bear is the first track chair the Friends purchased, and the Baby Bear Chair is a bit narrower – great for smaller individuals or kids! 
Learn more about the difference in the chairs here. 

We also have a new reservation system. Visit the reservation page to pick the chair for your reservation or our new Track Chair Program to learn more about this program by the Friends. 

Announcing Picture Perfect Sleeping Bear

Cover of Picture Perfect Sleeping Bear Book

Pre-sale available NOW, Picture-Perfect Sleeping Bear: An Album of Shared Memories Celebrating the National Lakeshore

Cover of Picture Perfect Sleeping Bear Book

Cover of the NEW Book, Picture Perfect Sleeping Bear, by the Friends of Sleeping Bear Dunes. All Sales fundraised go to Sleeping Bear Dunes National Park projects.

With photos submitted by locals, visitors, and historians, it shares the land and activities from first settling families to the development of the national park, to today. Memories shared for all to enjoy.

Pre-ordering is now available with shipping in mid-July. Learn more on the book page!


2021 Volunteer Training

The Annual Friends of Sleeping Bear Dunes training happened on June 5th, 2 pm.  

The training includes a general orientation that is applicable for all volunteers, both experienced and new. This training is a once-a-year chance for volunteers to hear the latest park news from park staff. It will include updates from the park superintendent, park rangers, and the park volunteer coordinator. COVID protocols in the park will be an important part of this general training. 

The Training Session is now available on Youtube

Feel free to email any further questions to the Friends of Sleeping Bear Dunes Training Team

Education at Sleeping Bear Dunes

SBD National Lakeshore new spring and summer education programs 

For more information about education in the Park, visit the NPS website.

Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore has announced new spring and summer education programs.

Discover a new skill, conduct a science experiment, or create a work of art in a program with the National Lakeshore. Try one of the following options to learn about their park!  Activity Kits, Classroom Lessons, Live Virtual Lessons

Email to sign up for a virtual program, request classroom lessons, or receive a teacher-led kit.

Volunteer Today – Open Positions with the Friends

Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore has been called “The most beautiful place in America” and it needs your help. Our 700+ member organization helps ensure that the more than a million people who visit the dunes each year have a great experience while helping to protect this precious resource.  

IT Manager:  

We are looking for a person with information technology skills.  This person would be responsible for the identification and implementation of appropriate software and/or hardware solutions for various organizational needs.  Responsible for software/ hardware installation and development of maintenance plans.  They would ensure access of documents to appropriate staff and conduct training as needed.   
This is a volunteer position – the Friends is an all-volunteer organization. 

Experience in or proficiency with the following would be helpful, but is not required: 

Word Press, MS Office, Google Drive and G-Suite, DonorSnap and QuickBooks

Friends of Sleeping Bear Dunes will provide training and assistance as needed. 
A position description can be found here:

Interested in helping out?  For more information please email

Business Fund Development Manager: 

The Business Fund Development Manager introduces local and national businesses to the Friends of Sleeping Bear Dunes, our mission, and our projects and explores possibilities for their financial support.
In this position, the individual will evaluate the potential for local, national, and international business support for the Friends and the projects we fund (e.g., accessibility, enhancing visitor experiences, preserving the natural environment, etc.). This individual will coordinate efforts with the Fund Development Director and Grant Writing Colleagues to support fundraising campaigns. They will formalize requests, with required paperwork and documentation, for donations.
This is a volunteer position – the Friends is an all-volunteer organization. 

A position description can be found here:

Interested in helping out?  For more information please email

Other Volunteer Opportunities with the Friends: 

All Volunteer Opportunities with the Friends can be found here:
Apply to be a Volunteer with the Friends here:

The Friends of Sleeping Bear Dunes is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit, all-volunteer organization. 

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