Tiesma Rd Beach

Location: Drive M-22 to Lake Michigan Road near where the road crosses the Platte River. Take Lake Michigan Road west toward the Lake. Drive past the Platte River Campground. About a quarter mile past the campground, turn right on the gravel road. This road used to be called Tiesma Road, but on Google Maps it is called Isle View Road. Drive about a mile to the end of the road. There is a parking lot with a walkway to the beach.

Parking Lot: Small gravel parking lot

Restrooms: There is no toilet at this beach.

Water: No drinking water is available .

Boat Ramp: No boat ramp. 

Beach Access: The walk way to the beach is about 600 feet from the parking lot through deep soft sand and crosses some steep foredunes.

Points of Interest: This is a secluded Lake Michigan beach with a great view of Empire Bluffs in the distance. It is about half way between Platte River Point and Peterson Road Beach.




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