Platte River Point Beach

Location: at the end of Lake Michigan Road, which intersects with M-22 near the Platte River in the southern part of the Park.

Parking Lot: Large paved parking lot comprised of three parking lots. Two of these are National Park lots and one is Lake Township. A Park pass is required at the NPS lots but no additional fee is required. At the Lake Township lot, a daily parking fee is required.

Restrooms: A modern, accessible restroom is located at the parking lot.

Water: Drinking water is available at the restroom.

Boat Ramp: A boat ramp is located in the parking lot to access the Platte River and Lake Michigan. The Platte River is not dredged, so only small boats will be able to access Lake Michigan from this launch.

Beach Access: A nice sandy beach runs along the Platte River from the parking lot to Lake Michigan. The beach at Lake Michigan is also a sandy beach. There is no hardened surface or accessible walkway onto the sand.

Points of Interest: This is the take-out for the canoe, kayak, and tubing livery. There is a nice grassy lawn along the Platte River with several benches with a nice view of the river and Lake Michigan.


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