Maritime Museum

Location: Drive to Glen Haven and follow the road to the left. Drive another half mile and arrive at the Maritime Museum parking lot.

Parking Lot: There is a large paved parking lot with cement sidewalks to the Museum, Boathouse, and restroom.

Restrooms: A modern accessible restroom is located near the parking lot.

Water: Drinking water is available at the restroom.

Boat Ramp: There is no boat ramp.

Beach Access: The sandy beach is at the end of a 4-foot wide boardwalk that goes from the boathouse to the beach. Once at the beach, it is sandy in both directions. High water levels of Lake Michigan have resulted in some areas where visitors may need to walk on the dune grass because the beach has been washed away. If you want to get even closer to the water, a beach wheelchair is available in the entrance to the restroom. Ask the volunteer working at the Boathouse, which is open from 11:00 AM to 5:00 PM from Memorial Day through Labor Day.

Click on the link to see a detailed description of the beach. This report describes obstacles you might encounter from the parking lot to the water’s edge. Cell phone coverage may be limited in the Park, so download and save. Maritime Museum Beach detail

Points of Interest: The Maritime Museum offers a look at life in the US Lifesaving Service which became part of the US Coast Guard. The boathouse has an interesting display of historic rescue boats and equipment.


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