Lane Road

Lane Road Beach Access stairs were damaged by the high water in Lake Michigan during 2020. The stairs had to be removed due to safety issues and the beach access at this site is CLOSED. The National Park Service and Friends of Sleeping Bear Dunes plan to rebuild these stairs later this year. Please go to No-Name Road Beach or Sunset Shores Beach. Both of these stairs have been repaired.

Location: Drive north of Glen Arbor on M-22 about 4 miles. Turn left on Port Oneida Road. Turn left on the second gravel road (Lane Road) and drive to the end of the road.

Parking Lot: The parking lot is gravel and not well maintained.

Restrooms: There is no restroom at this beach.

Water: Drinking water is not available at this beach.

Boat Ramp: There is no boat ramp.

Beach Access: A wooden staircase takes you from road level to the beach. Once at the beach, you will be in soft sand. Because of the high level of Lake Michigan, when waves are high, you may have to walk in the dune grass because the waves will cover the entire beach.

Points of Interest: This is a nice, secluded beach that will not have many people even on the busiest weekends.

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