Loon Lake

Location: Drive on M-22 in the southern part of the park. Continue heading south after crossing the Platte River. There is a sign for the parking lot for Loon Lake.

Parking Lot: Large paved parking lot

Restrooms: A modern, accessible restroom is located at the parking lot.

Water: Drinking water is available at the restroom.

Boat Ramp: A boat ramp is located in the parking lot to access Loon Lake. An accessible kayak launch is available on the end of the dock.

Beach Access: There is no beach at this point, but you can put in your canoe or kayak.

Points of Interest: Loon lake is used for fishing and there is also a picnic pavilion with two picnic tables near the lake.

Comments: The Loon Lake boat launch and restrooms were renovated in 2018 to improve accessibility for people of all abilities. A new accessible kayak launch is at the end of the dock.


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