Name Habitat/Season Native? Picture
Bellwort - Large-Flowered Deciduous Forest // Spring Native Bellwort01-500x500
Betony - Wood Dry woods, meadows // Late spring, early summer Native WoodBetony01-500x375
Black-eyed Susan Dry, fields, meadows, roadsides // Summer Native BlackEyedSusan01-500x500
Blue Cohosh Wet Deciduous Forest // Spring Native Blue-Cohosh_0392-500x500
Butter and Eggs Dry, meadows, roadsides // Spring, summer Non-Native ButterAndEggs01-500x500
Buttercup Wet meadows, near streams and lakes // Spring, summer, fall Native Buttercup02-500x500
Clover - Yellow Sweet Fields, meadows, roadsides // Spring, summer, fall Non-Native CloverYellow01-500x375
Coreopsis Dunes, dry meadows // Spring, summer Non-Native Coreopsis01-500x500
Dandelion Meadows, fields, roadsides // Spring, summer, fall Non-Native Dandelion01-500x500
Goat's Beard Meadows, roadsides // Spring, summer Non-Native Goatsbeard01-500c500
Goldenrod - Bluestem Forest // Fall Native Bluestem01-500x500
Goldenrod - Canada Meadows, fields, roadsides // Fall Native GoldenRod01-500x500
Goldenrod - Zigzag Forest // Fall Native ZigZag01-500x500
Gumweed Meadows, fields, roadsides // Summer, fall Native Gumweed01-500x500
Hawkweed - Canada Meadows, fields, roadsides // Summer Non-Native CanadaHawkweed01-500x500
Horsemint Dunes, dry meadows, sandy soil // Summer, fall Native Horsemint01-500x500
Lady's Slipper - Yellow Wet, shade, forest, marshes, swamps // Late spring, early summer Native - PROTECTED YellowLS01-500x500
Lily - Yellow Trout Deciduous Forest // Spring Native YellowTrout01-500x500
Lily - Yellow Water Ponds, lakes // Summer, fall Native YellowWaterLily01-500x500
Loosestrife - Tufted Wetlands, swamps, marshes, bogs // Summer TuftedLoosestrife01-500x375
Marigold - Marsh Swamps, marshes, streams, lakes // Spring Native MarshMarigold01-500x500
Mullein - Common Meadows, fields, roadsides Non-Native Mullein01-500x500
Primrose - Evening Dunes, meadows, fields, roadsides // Summer, fall Native EveningPrimrose01-500x500
Puccoon Dunes, dry meadows // Late spring, summer Native Puccoon01-500x500
Ragwort - Golden Wetlands, swamps, bogs // Late spring, early summer Native GoldenRagwort01-500x500
Silverweed Moist meadows, beaches Native Silverweed01-500x500
Sorrel - Yellow Wood Non-Native Wood-Sorrel_02-500x
Sowthistle Meadows, roadsides // Summer, fall Non-Native Sowthistle01-500x500
Spurge - Leafy Dry fields, roadsides // Spring, summer, fall Non-Native INVASIVE LeafySpurge01-500x375
St Johnswort Meadows, fields, roadsides // Summer Non-Native StJohnswort01-500x500
Sulfur Cinquefoil Meadows, roadsides // Summer Non-Native Sulfur01-500x500
Trefoil - Birds-Foot Roadsides // Spring, summer, fall Non-Native BirdsFootTrefoil01-500x500
Violet - Downy Yellow Deciduous forest Native YellowViolet01-500x500
Winter Cress Meadows, roadsides // Spring, fall Non-Native WinterCress01-500x500