Name Habitat/Season Native? Picture
Alfalfa Fields Spring // Summer, Fall Non-Native Alfalfa1_150X99
Aster-Smooth Dry, sun, dunes, fields, roadsides // Fall Native Smooth_Aster01-500x500
Beach Pea Dunes, Beaches // Summer Native Beach_Pea_02_500x375
Bergamot, Wild Fields, Roadsides, Dry, Sun // Summer Native bergamot_150X99
Blue Phlox Wet, Shade Forest // Spring, Summer Native Phlox_Blue_149X100
Blueweed Dry, sun, roadsides // Summer Non-Native VipersBugloss01-500x500
Chicory Dry, sun, fields, roadsides // Summer, fall Non-Native Chicory01-500x500
Coneflower-Purple Dry, sun, meadows, roadsides // Summer, fall Native Coneflower01-500x500
Forget-Me-Not Forest // Spring, Summer, Fall Non-Native Forget_me_not_150X99
Harebell Dunes, Sandy Meadows // Late Spring, Summer Native harebell_01_150X99
Heal-All Roadsides // Spring, Summer, Fall Non-NativeHe HealAll (1)_150X99
Iris, Blue Flag Sun or Shade, Along edges of wetlands, lakes, streams, and rivers // Late Spring, Summer Native iris_blue_flag_149X100
Loosestrife-Purple Wet, sun, ditches, marshes // Summer, fall Non-Native Invasive Purple-Loosestrife01-500x50
Mint Meadows // Summer Native Mint01-500x500
Motherwort Meadows, Roadsides // Summer Non-Native Motherwort04
Myrtle Forest // Spring Non-Native Myrtle_01_300X199
Nightshade Roadsides, Meadows, Disturbed Soil // Summer Non-Native Nightshade02-500x500
Peppermint Wet, sun, ditches, streams, lakes // Summer Non-Native Peppermint01-500x500
Skullcap Wet, swamps, along steams // Summer, fall Native Skullcap01-500x500
Speedwell, Common Woods, Meadows, Lawns // Spring, Summer, Fall Non-Native Speedwell_Common_149X100
Spiderwort Meadows, roadsides, disturbed soil // Summer Native Spiderwort01-500x500
Vervain-Blue Wet, ditches, roadsides, marshes // Summer, fall Native BlueVervain01-500x500
Vetch Sun, meadows // Late spring, summer Non-Native Vetch02-500x500
Violet, Common Blue Forest // Spring Native Violet_01_300X199