Volunteer Job Descriptions

This page lists specific positions that we are attempting to fill.  Even if a job is filled now, we would like to have an assistant for each position. Unless otherwise specified, all positions are unpaid, volunteer opportunities.

Click here to see the Organization Chart to see how these positions work together.

Click Here if you find a volunteer position that you would be able to help us with – or if you have questions about a position listed here. We are an All-Volunteer Organization, and we need your help!

Click on the links below to open a pdf file of the job description you are interested in.

Accessibility Coordinator 20170217

Adopt-A-Beach Coordinator 20170217

Adopt-A-Beach Volunteer 20170329

Adopt-A-Highway Coordinator 20170217

Adopt-A-River Coordinator 20170217

Adopt-A-River Volunteer 20170329

Adopt-A-Trail Coordinator 20170217

Adopt-A-Trail Volunteer 20170329

BARK Ranger Volunteer 20170329

Bookkeeper 20170217

Booklet Coordinator 20170217

Donor Development Manager 20170217

Echo Valley Trail Coordinator 20170217

Field Mowing Coordinator 20170217

Finance Director 20170217

Fund Development Director 20170217

Fundraising Campaign Manager 20170217

Grant Writer 20170217

Human Resources Director 20170217

Kettles Trail Coordinator 20170217

LSHRC Liaison 20170217

Membership Director 20170217

Outreach Coordinator 20170401

Outreach Volunteer 20170401

Print Media Manager 20170217

Program Director 20170217

PSAR Volunteer 20170329

Public Relations Director 20170217

SBHT Ambassador Coordinator 20170217

SBHT Director 20170217

SBHT IMAP Manager 20170217

SBHT Trail Crew Coordinator 20170217

Snowshoe Hike Coordinator 20170217

Social Media Manager 20170217

Technology Services 20170217

Volunteer Hours Coordinator 20170217

Volunteer Recruitment Manager 20170217

Web Site Manager 20170217

Yoga on the Beach Coordinator 20170217