Beach Patrol Data Entry


ATTENTION BARK Rangers.  We have migrated your time report to your very own page.  You still will report your Adopt-A-Beach time on this page, but effective immediately we ask that you now use the new page for BARK Ranger-specifict time and data:

      BARK Ranger Time Entry

You may also reach that page directly from the “Volunteer” page, (the that contains a list of the time entry pages for all projects (Volunteer Page).


Adopt-A-Beach Volunteers enter your Beach Patrol data below and click the SUBMIT button.

Your data will be collected and sent to the Alliance for the Great Lakes to be entered into their database.

Fill in your email address if you would like a confirmation copy of your report.

Most Likely to Find Items

Fishing Gear

Packing Materials

Other Trash

Personal Hygiene

Tiny Trash (Less Than 1-Inch Diameter)

Bark Ranger Report - Moved to separate page. See top of this page for instructions.

Other Misc Items