Rustic Trail Patrol Data Entry

Adopt-A-Trail volunteers – please enter your trail patrol data on the following form. Click the SUBMIT button at the end of this page to send the data to your coordinator.

This page is for reporting hours on RUSTIC trails, only. If you wish to report hours for the Heritage Trail, go to Sleeping Bear Heritage Trail – Trail Ambassadors Time Entry


If you have photos of a down tree or other maintenance issue, send them to the Trail Manager


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UPDATE: 2015 You may enter a report for only one trail/segment.
Enter your volunteer hours including travel time to and from your trail. We do not use fractions of an hour, so round up to the nearest whole number.
If nothing to report, please LEAVE BLANK. Otherwise, please indicate any MAINTENANCE issues needing NPS action and, any signs or facilities needing replacement or maintenance. When reporting these locations, the park asks that you please use distances from obvious landmarks or trail directional signs. You may include GPS coordinates, but also include a textual description. Send photos to
Fill in your email address if you would like a confirmation copy of your report.

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