Student Snowshoe Hikes – Need Your Support


Friends of Sleeping Bear Dunes is raising funds to pay transportation costs for school groups to attend Ranger-led snowshoe hikes in the forests and dunes along Lake Michigan. Students will learn about snowshoes and will search for animal tracks in the fresh snow as they explore the winter wonderland of Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore.

Pre- and Post-visit activities have been developed to help build background knowledge and create excitement for the hike, extend learning, and give students the opportunity to be creative and connect learning to the real world. The lesson during the hike will allow students to explore concepts in winter ecology and snow science in a hands-on, experimental format.

We are participating in an online fundraising effort led by the Outdoor Industry Association to raise money to pay for transportation for school groups all over the US to experience a national park near them. We need your help to raise $1,000 to meet our goal. If you can help by making a donation, go to the fundraising web site and make a donation!

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