Spring Wildflowers in Bloom

Yellow Trout Lily

Yellow Trout Lily

The wildflowers are popping up and starting to put on a show thanks to the recent sunshine and warm temperatures. This is a perfect time to get out on the trails to hunt for some close-ups of the flowers or vistas of Lake Michigan from atop a bluff.

Why not take the Trail Trekker Challenge this year and see if you can hike all the trails in Sleeping Bear Dunes? Pick up your form in our booklet display at the Visitor Center or download it here.

While you’re out on the trail, you might find a flower or two that you want to identify. Tap into the¬†extensive wildflower database on our web site. If you have a smart phone and good reception, you can access the database right there on the trail! You can also pick up a wildflower guide at the Visitor Center.


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