Beach Access Stairs


There are a couple of places in the Port Oneida Rural Historic District, where getting to the Lake Michigan beach can be difficult because of the steep bluffs you have to find a way down. This has caused significant erosion and safety concerns – especially if the soil is wet.

In 2010, Cherry Republic and the Friends of Sleeping Bear Dunes worked with the National Park Service to build beach access stairs at the end of Lane Road. We’ve received may positive comments from grateful beach-goers, and at the suggestion of the NPS, we’ve identified another access point on the gravel road about a mile north of Lane Road which has experienced significant erosion and is becoming quite a challenge to climb down.

Lane Road Beach Access Stairs

We will again team up with Cherry Republic and NPS Roads and Trails crew the week of July 9, 2012 to build another beach access stairs here. We need volunteers, so if you are willing and able, please contact us. We will get back to you with details on the work and the schedule.

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  1. Sue Frye says:

    Please keep me posted on the work schedule for the stairs and I hope to be able to volunteer some time.

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