Aloha Gets a New Roof


The Aloha Fishing Tug, located near the parking lot in the historic village of Glen Haven has a new roof! The Aloha has been undergoing restoration by volunteers and Park Staff for several years. It was relocated to it’s present position in the fall of 2010 and the observation deck was built, so visitors can get a closer look inside as well. Interpretive signs will be placed on the deck to explain the boat, how it was used, and some of the design features. The Aloha is an example of a typical commercial fishing boat used on the Great Lakes. Although Glen Haven was not a commercial fishing center, the Cannery Boat Museum includes a wide variety of Great Lakes boats, and this is part of their collection.

Installing the Roof on the Aloha

The latest repair was the installation of a new roof to protect the inside from rain and the summer sun. The roof is on two levels: the bow and the higher rear cabin. Each of these is covered by a single sheet of white rubber membrane attached with adhesive and fastened around the edges.  For the winter, the tug has been shrink-wrapped for added protection from the winter weather.

More work has to be done  to complete the restoration. A new paint job – outside and inside will be done next year along with some detail work inside the boat. The engine also needs a little repair work and painting, so if you are interested in helping finish this project, contact us.

Aloha Wrapped for the Winter

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